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Using Google Cloud Platform Cross-Project Access
Using Google Cloud Platform Cross-Project Access
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Google Cloud Platform allows you to setup an IAM service account in one Google Cloud project while accessing resources (VMs, buckets, etc.) in another Google Cloud project.

If you want to utilize this strategy, please follow these instructions.

Step 1: Create Your IAM Service Account in "Project A"

Follow the usual procedure to create your IAM service account in "project A" and register it with Skeddly. These instructions can be found here: Registering Google Cloud Platform Credentials With Skeddly

Step 2: Grant "Project A" Access to "Project B"

Follow Google's instructions on granting "Project A" access to the resources in "Project B".

Step 3: Update the Credentials in Skeddly to Use "Project B"

1. Return to your registered GCP credentials in Skeddly.

2. Edit the credentials by clicking the green "Edit Credentials" button.

3. Scroll down to the "Active Project" section.

4. Change the "Access a Different Google Project" field from "No", to "Yes".

5. Type the Google project ID for "Project B" into the "Active Project" field. The ID often looks like golden-fiddle-309872

6. Click "Save"

Now, when you use these credentials in your actions, resources in "Project B' will be accessed.

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