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Registering Google Cloud Platform Credentials With Skeddly
Registering Google Cloud Platform Credentials With Skeddly
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To use Skeddly with your Google Cloud Platform account, you must create an IAM "service account". Please follow these instructions to create and register your service account with Skeddly.

1. Sign-in to your Skeddly account.
2. Go to the "Credentials" page by clicking "Credentials" then "Credentials" in the left navigation pane.
3. Click the "Register Credentials" button.
4. Click the "Google Cloud Platform" tab.
5. Click the "Register an Google service account key" button.

Keep this page open, and start a new browser and/or tab in your browser.

1. Sign-in to the Google Cloud Platform console and go the Service Accounts management page .
2. Click the "+ CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT" button.
3. Give the new service account a name, such as "Skeddly".
4. Click the "Create" button.
5. Do not assign any role. This will be done later.
6. Click the "Continue" button.
7. In the "Create key" section, click the "+ CREATE KEY" button.
8. In the slide-out on the right side, ensure "JSON" is selected, then click the "CREATE" button.
9. A ".json" file will be downloaded to your computer. Close the message box.
10. Click the "DONE" button to return to the "Service Accounts" page.
11. Open the ".json" file that was downloaded to your computer, and copy it's contents to the "Google Service Account Key JSON" box on the Skeddly page.
12. Enter a meaningful name in the "Credential's Name" field.
13. Click the "Save" button.

After registering the credentials with Skeddly, it is a good idea to delete the JSON file that was downloaded.

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