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SAML response does not contain identity providers
SAML response does not contain identity providers
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When launching Skeddly from your identity provider, you may encounter the following error message:

SAML response does not contain identity providers

This error indicates that the SAML response received from your identity provider did not include the "" attribute.

This attribute is used to identify to Skeddly the Skeddly identity provider that should be used to decrypt your SAML response.

This attribute must contain the following, comma-separated:

  • The SRN of your Skeddly identity provider. This looks like srn:skeddly:idp::12345678:name

  • One or more SRNs of Skeddly managed policies you want to assign to the user when signing-in.


The following is a portion of the SAML XML that the identity provider sends to Skeddly. It shows the required attribute formats.

      <saml:Attribute Name=""
        <saml:AttributeValue xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="xs:string">srn:skeddly:idp::01234567:OneLogin,srn:skeddly:policy:::standard</saml:AttributeValue>

The above is not a complete SAML response, but it shows the attribute portion with the portion.

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