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Stopping a Running Action
Stopping a Running Action
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Disabling an action from the Action list or by editing the action details will not stop any executions of the action currently running.
If your action is running, you can stop the action execution in progress:
1. Sign in to your Skeddly account.
2. Go to the action activity page by clicking Activity -> History in the left navigation bar.
3. Find your running action in the activity list. Its status should be "Currently running".
4. Click "Show" under the "Log" column to view the action execution's log.
5. Click "Cancel action" to stop this execution of the action.
6. Repeat for any other executions of the action that needs to be stopped.
Note that stopping an action does not reverse any operations already performed by the action. For example, cancelling a "Start EC2 Instance" action will not stop the EC2 instance. It will simply stop Skeddly's control of the EC2 instance.

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