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EC2 Running Time Report Actions
EC2 Running Time Report Actions
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The Running Time Report action can be used to generate reports of the running time for EC2 instances using CloudWatch data.

Reports are emailed to the primary account email address.


Please see Common Action Settings for a description of settings common to all action types.

Instance IDs

Indicate the list of instance IDs of your EC2 instances. Instance IDs usually looks like "i-84a3dc7b". All instances must reside in the region specified.

Multiple instances can be added by clicking "Add many instances". In the dialog that appears, enter a space-, comma-, or line-seperated list of instance IDs.

Minimum Minutes for Break

Specifies the the minimum number of minutes allowed between Cloud Watch timestamps before a break in uptime is registered.

Time Period

Indicates the amount of time to use when generating the report. Options are:

  • Yesterday - Will generate a report for the whole day prior to the action being executed.

  • Specify Number of Days - Will generate a report for the specified number of days leading up to the action execution.

Number of Days

Indicates the number of days to use when generating the report.

Amazon Commands Used

The following Amazon AWS commands are used. The access key should have permission to execute all of them.

  • ec2:DescribeInstances

  • ec2:DescribeTags

  • cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics

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