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An error occurred creating the image.
An error occurred creating the image.
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Sometimes during AMI creation, you may see in your Skeddly logs an error message such as
An error occurred creating the image
When this error is seen, it is because Amazon Web Services has reported back to Skeddly that the AMI image's status is "failed". The reason for the error is not known.
There are a few possible resolutions:

  1. The error is simply a one-time occurrence. Meaning that if another AMI image were to be created, then it would succeed.

  2. If two AMI images were created from the same EC2 instance within 60 seconds of each other, the second AMI image will fail. The first AMI must complete before another AMI can be created. If this occurs, check your Skeddly actions to ensure that the same EC2 instance is not having multiple AMI images created at the same time.

  3. If an EBS snapshot is being created of an EBS volume attached to the EC2 instance of which an AMI image is being created at the same time, then the AMI image and/or the EBS snapshot may fail.

  4. All subsequent AMI image creation attempts fail. If this happens, AWS support suggests rebooting the EC2 instance. Most of the time, after rebooting the EC2 instance, AMI images can be created successfully.

  5. If after rebooting the EC2 instance an AMI still cannot be created, please contact AWS support. Only AWS support will be able to determine the reason why AMI images cannot be created and they will suggest possible resolutions.

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