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Configuring Single Sign-On with OneLogin
Configuring Single Sign-On with OneLogin
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Use this guide to create and configure your OneLogin account as a single sign-on Identifier Provider (IdP) for your Skeddly account.

Step 1: Create a Skeddly "App" In Your OneLogin Account

These steps will create a Skeddly "App" in your OneLogin account.

1. Sign-in to your OneLogin account as an Administrator.
2. Click "Add Apps" from under the "Apps" menu, or click the "New App" button.
3. To find the Skeddly connector in the Apps list, either:

  • Type "Skeddly" in the search box,


  • Find "Skeddly" under the "Cloud app management" category.

4. Once found, click the Skeddly app.
5. Accept the default name and icons for the Skeddly app, then click "Save".

At this point, you have a Skeddly app in your OneLogin account, but it is not ready to use yet.

Step 2: Download Your OneLogin Metadata Document

Under the "More Actions" menu, click "SAML Metadata". This will download the SAML Metadata Document which you will need for step 3.

Step 3: Create an Identity Provider in Skeddly

Step 4: Configure Your Skeddly App

To continue with this step, you will need the following information:

  • Your Skeddly Identity Provider SRN. This can be obtained from the Identity Providers page in your Account Settings.

  • A Skeddly Managed Policy SRN. This can be obtained from the Managed Policies page in your Account Settings.

Back in OneLogin, return to your Skeddly app configuration.

1. Go to the Parameters page by clicking the "Parameters" tab. 

2. Leave the "NameID" field with a value of "Email".
3. Click the "Roles" field. 

4. In the dialog that appears, leave the value as "Macro".
5. In the text box, put the Skeddly Identity Provider SRN, followed by a comma, followed by the Managed Policy SRN of the policy to be applied to the user. For example, from Skeddly, if your values were the following:

  • Identity Provider SRN: srn:skeddly:idp::12345678/OneLogin

  • Managed Policy SRN: srn:skeddly:policy:::standard

6. Then, in the text box, use the following value:srn:skeddly:idp::12345678/OneLogin, srn:skeddly:policy:::standard
7. Click "Save" to close the dailog.
8. Click "Save" to save your changes on the Parameters page.

Your app should be ready to use now. Assign the app to the users permitted to access Skeddly, and click the "Skeddly" app icon from the App Home page.

Once clicked, your browser should navigate to your Skeddly dashboard.

Additional Options

If you would like to provide different users with different roles, you can modify the "Roles" parameter for each user by specifying a different Managed Policy SRN using the same idp,policy format.

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