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Reboot RDS Instances Actions
Reboot RDS Instances Actions
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The Reboot RDS Instances action will reboot all RDS instances matching a specified filter.

For example, at 8am, all RDS instances ending in "-dev" can be rebooted.


Please see Common Action Settings for a description of settings common to all action types.

Instance Identification Method

Indicates how the RDS instances will be selected. Valid values are:

  • By RDS Instance ID - Specify an instance ID to reboot

  • All RDS Instances - All RDS instances will be rebooted

RDS Instance ID

Indicates the RDS instance ID that will be rebooted. Required if Instance Identification Method is set to "By RDS Instance ID". This instance must exist in the region specified.

Force MultiAZ Failover

Indicates whether the RDS instance will force a failover. This setting is applicable only to MultiAZ RDS instances. This setting will be ignored for all RDS instances that are not MultiAZ.

Amazon Commands Used

The following Amazon AWS commands are used. The access key should have permission to execute all of them.

  • rds:DescribeDBInstances

  • rds:RebootDBInstance

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