The Update Auto Scaling Group action can be used to modify the values of an auto scaling group. Values that can be modified include launch configuration name, minimum size, maximum size, and desired capacity.


Please see Common Action Settings for a description of settings common to all action types.

Group Name

Indicates the name of the auto scaling group to be modified. This group must reside in the region specified.

Launch Configuration Name

Optional. Specify the name of the launch configuration.

Minimum Size

Optional. Specify the new minimum number of instances in the group.

Maximum Size

Optional. Specify the new maximum number of instances in the group.

Desired Size

Optional. Specify the new desired number of instances in the group.

Warning: The desired size must be between the minimum size and maximum size.

Note: If the auto scaling group was originally created without a desired capacity specified, it's value will be 0.

Restore the Values

Indicate whether the original group values should be restored automatically later. The running time must also be specified if this is checked.

Running Duration

Indicate the length of time the values should remain before being restored. This value is only required if "Restore the Values" is checked.

Amazon Commands Used

The following Amazon AWS commands are used. The access key should have permission to execute all of them.

  • autoscaling:DescribeAutoScalingGroups

  • autoscaling:UpdateAutoScalingGroup

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