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Creating an Identity Provider
Creating an Identity Provider
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In order to utilize single sign-on using SAML, you will need to create a Skeddly Identity Provider inside your Skeddly account. The process and requirements for this are similar to creating IAM Identity Providers in your AWS account.
Before you create your Skeddly Identity Provider, you will need to obtain your organization's Identity Provider's metadata document. This is an XML file that includes information about your Identity Provider, including:

  • Your Identity Provider's unique identifiers,

  • Public keys used to verify sign-in assertion responses

Once you have the metadata document, you can proceed.

1. Sign-in to your Skeddly account.
2. In the left navigation panel, expand "Users and Identity", then click "Identity Providers".
3. Click the button labelled "Create Identity Provider".
4. On the form, provide the following information:A name for your Identity Provider.The metadata document you obtained from your organization's Identity Provider.
5. Click the button labelled "Create".

Once created, you will see details about your new Identity Provider.

Note the Provider SRN. Copy this value, you will need it when configuring Skeddly in your organization's Identity Provider.

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