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Using an alternate email for invoices and billing
Using an alternate email for invoices and billing
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To have your invoices, payment receipts, and other billing-related emails sent to an email address other than the primary email address associated with your Skeddly account:

1. Sign-in to your Skeddly account.

2. On the left navigation menu, expand "Billing" then click "Email Options".
3. In the "Email Address" field, choose "Send billing emails to one or more alternate email addresses".
4. Fill in the details about the new email addresses, then click "Save".

To revert billing-related emails to go to the primary email address for your account, choose "Send billing emails to the primary email address" in the "Email Address" field.

Important: When sending emails to alternate email addresses, emails will ONLY be sent to the specified email addresses. Billing emails will not implicitly be sent to the primary email address.

To also send billing-related emails to the primary email address, include the primary email address in the email list.

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