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Role not found or access denied
Role not found or access denied
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If you are using role credentials, you may encounter the following error message when running your actions:

Role not found or access denied: arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/Skeddly

If this occurs, then the problem is the role is not setup correctly.

1. Sign-in to the AWS Management Console and go to the list of IAM Roles.
2. Select the role created for Skeddly.
3. Click the "Trust Relationships" tab. You should see something like the following:

 Under "Trusted Entities", the account number must be as above.
 Under "Conditions", the condition should be:

StringEquals   std:ExternalId   skeddly-abc123

Replace "skeddly-abc123" with the External ID displayed to you when you registered the role with Skeddly:

You can see the External ID for an existing role already registered with Skeddly by viewing the credential details:

Please ensure:

  • The ARN for your role is correct

  • The external ID displayed in Skeddly matches the external ID displayed in the AWS Management Console 

If all else fails, you can simply register a new role with Skeddly.

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