To use IAM access keys with Skeddly, you must create an IAM user. Please follow these instructions to create and register your access keys with Skeddly.

1. Sign-in to your Skeddly account.
2. Go to the "Credentials" page by clicking "Credentials" then "Credentials" in the left navigation pane.
3. Click the "Register Credentials" button.
4. Click the "Register an Access Key" button.
Keep this page open, and start a new browser and/or tab in your browser:

5. Go to the IAM Management Console.
6. Go to the IAM users list by clicking "Users" in the left navigation pane.
7. Click the blue "Add User" button at the top of the page.
8. Give the user a friendly name. You can name it anything you like, but we suggest giving it a name you can easily identify it as an IAM user for Skeddly, such as "Skeddly".
9. For "Access type", set the following

  • Programmatic Access: Yes

  • AWS Management Console access: No

10. Click "Next: Permissions".
11. Click "Next: Review".
12. Click "Create user".
You will be shown the user's access key and secret access key.
13. Copy the "Access key ID" from the IAM Management Console to your clipboard.
14. Paste that into the "Access Key ID" field in the Skeddly window.
15. Back in the IAM Management Console window, click "Show" in the "Secret Access Key" column and copy the secret access key.
16. Paste that into the "Secret Access Key" field in the Skeddly window.
17. Back in the IAM Management Console window, click the "Close" button.
Keep the IAM Management Console window around.

Return to the Skeddly window.
18. Enter a friendly name in the "Credentials Name" field. Name is something you can easily identify with.
19. Click the "Save" button.
At this point, your credentials have been registered with Skeddly.

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