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Multi-factor Authentication
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Skeddly supports multi-factor authentication using Google Authenticator and the MobileOTP protocol.

By using Google Authenticator or the MobileOTP protocol, you can use your mobile phone as the MFA device.

Google Authenticator is a free app available for iPhone and Android.

Free MobileOTP apps are available for iPhone and Android:

  • DroidOTP - For Android phones

  • iOTP - For iOS devices, like iPhone, iPod, iPad

To enable multi-factor authentication for your Skeddly account:

1. Sign-in to your Skeddly account.
2. Click the user widget on the top-right of the page, then click "User Settings".
3. Click "Security and MFA".
4. On the page that follows, enter your Google Authenticator or MobileOTP information.
5. Click "Save" to save your MFA selections.

When saving your MFA information, a sample MFA password is required from your device to ensure your settings are correct.

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