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Can Skeddly contact AWS Support for me?
Can Skeddly contact AWS Support for me?
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From time-to-time, an error may occur in your AWS account while one of Skeddly's actions are executing. These errors usually appear in the action execution logs. Many errors can be resolved or worked around by Skeddly. However, some errors or issues may occur within your AWS account that cannot be resolved by Skeddly.
Such errors may include:

  • An EC2 instance stuck in a pending or stopped state

  • AMI images or EBS snapshots resulting in an error state

  • EBS snapshots that are not progressing for a large period of time

Unfortunately, in these occurrences, we cannot contact AWS support on your behalf.

AWS support has enacted a very strict privacy policy. According to this policy, all support requests must originate from the AWS account in which the issues occurred.
For example, if your EC2 instance is stuck in a pending or stopping state, you will have to contact AWS support from the AWS account in which the EC2 instance is held.
When you open an AWS support ticket due to an error found in a Skeddly log, you can CC: on the ticket to include us in the conversation. Once that's done, we can add our information and comments to help resolve the issue.

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