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Project-Level Security When Using SAML
Project-Level Security When Using SAML
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When specifying Skeddly Managed Policies as part of your Roles attribute in the SSO SAML response, it is possible to include Managed Policies that are scoped to single Skeddly projects.

When viewing Skeddly's Managed Policies, you'll notice there are Account-level and Project-level policies. The Project-level policies can apply to users in specific projects.

If you want to include a project-level policy for a specific project, the following syntax is used:

<policy SRN>@<project ID>

A project's project ID can be found in the project details page:

A Skeddly Managed Policy's SRN can be found on it's page:

So, if you want to allow "Execute Actions Only" in your "Demo" project, you would include the following in your "Roles" attribute:


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