Use Case: Restricted Access Projects

For example, an organization protecting its resources

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In this use case, you may be an organization that wants to give read-write access to some projects, but read-only access to other projects.


Step 1: Create projects for each of your user groups. Perhaps this is aligned with your organization departments, teams, etc.

Step 2: Create managed users for each of your team mates.

Step 3: For each user, assign "Standard Read-Only" role. This gives them read-only access to any project in the Skeddly account.

Step 4: For each user, in each project, if the user is to have more than read-only access, assign an appropriate role:

  • Admin - Complete access to the project, including project settings.

  • Standard - Complete access to the project, but not including changing project settings.

  • Execute Actions Only - Read-only access to the project. But they can execute existing actions.

  • Manage Action Exclusions - Read-only access to the project. But they can create/modify action exclusions.

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