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Backing Up EC2 Instances Using Managed Instances
Backing Up EC2 Instances Using Managed Instances
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Using Managed Instances, you can create backups of your EC2 instances and delete old backups.

Backups can be:

  • EBS snapshots, or

  • AMI images

To start creating backups of an EC2 instance using Managed Instances, please do the following:

1. Go to the Managed Instances section of Skeddly by expanding "Managed Instances" on the left navigation menu, then click "Instances".

2. Click the "Add Instance" button.

3. On the "Add Instance" page, give your instance a friendly name. This is for your own reference.

4. Provide the details for the AWS account, region, and instance information so Skeddly can find the EC2 instance.

5. Skip over the "Start/Stop Settings" section.

6. In the "Backup Settings" section, choose the backup method (EBS snapshots or AMI image). Also, choose whether the EC2 instance should be stopped or not during the backup process.

7. Turn off the "Start/Stop Instance" section. This is not related to the "Consistency Method" above.

8. In the "Backup Instance" section, choose your backup settings.

9. In the "Delete Backups" section, choose your backup retention settings.

10. Finally, click the "Create Managed Instance" button.

Once you have completed creating your Managed Instance, you can add more for other EC2 instances in the same way.

Important: When you have created all your Managed Instances, please use Skeddly's IAM Policy Generator to generate an updated IAM permission policy, and copy & paste that into your AWS credentials in the AWS Management Console.

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