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Creating a Start/Stop Plan
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Start/Stop plans control when your cloud resources start and stop.

Once you have created your start/stop plan, you can add resources to your plan.

To create a start/stop plan:

1. Sign-in to your Skeddly account.

2. Click "Managed Services" then "Start/Stops" on the left navigation menu.

3. Click the "Create Start/Stop Plan" button.

4. Fill in the details of your plan, including:

Plan Name: This is a friendly name you are calling you plan. Name is something meaningful like "Start Development Environments".

Start Schedule: This includes the days on which your resources will start.

Stop Schedule: This includes the running time for your resources.

5. Once you have your plan details filled in, click the "Create" button.

With your new start/stop plan created, your plan details are shown to you in the "Plan Information" section.

At any time, click the "Edit" button to change the details of your start/stop plan.

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