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Starting and Stopping your EC2 Instances Daily
Starting and Stopping your EC2 Instances Daily
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Setting up a daily start/stop schedule for your EC2 instances is easy using Skeddly's Managed Start/Stops. To setup your start/stop plan, please follow these steps:

1. Sign-in to your Skeddly account.

2. Click "Managed Services" then "Start/Stops"

3. Click the "Create Start/Stop Plan" button to start creating a new plan.

4. Give your plan a meaningful name, like "Start Development Environment".

5. Choose your desired start time for your EC2 instances and how long you want them to be running for.

6. Click the "Create" button.

At this time, you have a Start/Stop plan created. You can see the plan details:

Scroll down to the "Resources" section and click "Add Resources":

7. Give your resources a name, like "Development EC2 Instances".

8. Choose "EC2 Instances" from the "Resource Type" dropdown.

9. Choose your credentials and regions.

10. Choose how you want to select your EC2 instances. You can choose EC2 instances by "All Instances", "By Instance ID", or by a comparison filter, including matching resource tags.

11 .Click "Create".

Once you have added your resources to your start/stop plan, you can add more resources now or later. Resources can be the same or different types. For example, in one start/stop plan, you can include EC2 and RDS instances.

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