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Roles for Google IAM Generator
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For best security, it is recommended to restrict the Google Cloud Platform credentials that is registered with Skeddly to only those permissions required. 

You can let Skeddly show you a list of IAM roles to apply to your Google credential that is custom and based on the actions that you have configured.

Generating the Roles for Google IAM List

After you have created your actions:

  1. Click "Credentials" then "Roles for Google IAM" in the left navigation panel.

  2. Select your Google credential, then click the "Get Roles" button.

  3. A list of Google IAM roles will be displayed.

  4. Next to the Google service account you are using for Skeddly, click the pencil icon. A panel should slide out titled "Edit Permissions".

  5. Edit the roles to match those listed by Skeddly.

Important Notes

After you have generated your custom IAM role list, if you add and/or modify any of your actions, the required roles may be different. In this case, just generate a new list and update your credentials permissions.

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