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Debugging an Action Execution
Debugging an Action Execution
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Sometimes, an action may not execute as expected.

  • An authorization error occurred,

  • The correct backups were not deleted,

  • Some other error happened.

Action execution logs can be very helpful in debugging action executions.ย 

Finding the Action Execution Log

You can view your action execution by doing the following:

  1. Sign-in to your Skeddly account.

  2. Go to the Activity page by clicking "Activity" then "History" on the left navigation panel.

  3. In the activity list, find the action execution you want to inspect and click "Show" under the "Log" column.

Alternatively, you may have a direct link to the log in the action execution notification email that was sent to you. Clicking that link should take you directly to the execution log.

Debugging the Action Execution Log

Once you're viewing the action execution log, you will see timestamps and messages that happened during your action's execution. Most of these lines will be have a single-letter prefix at the start:

  • I = Information

  • W = Warning

  • E = Error

However, there are also Diagnostic messages available.

On the right side of the execution log is a checkbox called "Show Diagnostic Messages":

Check the checkbox to show extra Diagnostic messages (prefixed with a D).

These extra messages can be very helpful in determining the API calls that Skeddly made into your AWS account along with the responses.

Need More Help?

Just contact Skeddly support and we'll gladly help you out with understanding your execution log, or finding the information you're looking for.

Whenever possible, include a link to the execution log (copy it from the address bar of your web browser).

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