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Action Executions
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When an action is started (whether by schedule, manually started, API, or SNS message), an action execution is started. You can view all action executions (current and past) in the "Activity" view:

  1. Click "Activity" then "History" in the left navigation panel.

The action execution has a copy of the action configuration from the time the action execution was started. The action configuration used by the execution can be viewed by:

  1. Find the action execution in the Activity list.

  2. Click the "Show" button in the "Log" column. You will see the log for the action execution.

  3. On the action execution log page, click the action's name in the "Action Name" field.

  4. The action configuration used by the execution will be shown.


Modifying the configuration of an action does not affect past or currently running action executions. Only when the action is next executed will the new action configuration be used.

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