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Test Mode
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Built into many of Skeddly's action is something called "Test Mode".

Test Mode is a feature on many of the more "destructive" actions. On these actions, when Test Mode is enabled, the action will execute, however, the final destructive action will not be performed.

For example, in the "Delete EBS Snapshots" action, when Test Mode is enabled, Skeddly will discover the snapshots to delete, but the snapshots will not be deleted. Where the snapshot would have been deleted, instead the action will simply say "Not deleted. Test Mode".

The purpose of Test Mode is to allow the action to execute and for you to review it's execution to ensure that the correct items are deleted.

Test Mode is enabled by default on many actions that delete data.

After reviewing the logs, once you are happy with how the execution is performed, you should edit the action configuration and turn off Test Mode. After that, future executions will delete the items as expected.

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