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Data Collection
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What Information is Collected?

When you use Skeddly, some information is collected.

Your Username and Email Address

When you create a Skeddly account, you provide to us your username and email address. This information is used to:

  • send you alerts and notifications,

  • send billing receipts,

  • send "getting started" emails, and/or

  • provide customer support

Additional Email Addresses

If you so choose, you can provide to us additional usernames and email addresses to:

  • add additional teammates to your Skeddly account,

  • send action execution notifications to alternative email addresses,

  • send action execution reports to alternative email addresses,

  • send billing-related emails to alternative email addresses, and/or

  • receive customer support.

Your Billing Address

For billing purposes, you provide to us your billing address.

Credit Card Information

When you convert your Skeddly account from a trial to a paid account, you supply your credit card information.
We use Stripe as our payment processor. Your credit card information is transmitted by HTTPS directly between your browser and Stripe. The full information never touches the Skeddly infrastructure, so we never see it.
The most we might ever see is:

  • Your credit card type (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)

  • Expiry date

  • Last 4 digits of your card number

Even if we asked Stripe really nicely, they will never give our administrators or customer support representatives the information.

Action Execution Logs

As your actions execute, logs are collected. These logs are fully viewable and downloadable by you at any time. You can also have them uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket of your choice.
Some information may be visible in the logs, depending on the type of actions executing:

  • AWS resource identifiers (EC2 instance IDs, RDS instance IDs, S3 object keys, etc.),

  • AWS resource tag keys and values,

  • MySQL database table names (only as part of the Backup MySQL Server action),

  • Email addresses (when sending email reports as part of an action).

What Information is Not Collected?

The following information is not collected in any form.

  • EBS volume contents

  • EBS snapshot contents

  • AMI image contents

  • RDS instance database data

  • DynamoDB table data

  • Redshift data

  • Sanskrit hieroglyphs

  • S3 object contents

This list is not exhaustive, so there may be even more data that we don't collect.

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