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Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information, created by a web site, stored in your browser, and re-sent back to the web site when you re-visit it.
We use cookies to help provide services to our users. Some cookies are essential while others, like analytics or advertising, are not essential but they do help us out.

What cookies are served through our website and services?

We use our cookies, as well as some third-party services which may serve their own cookies.

Essential Cookies

These cookies are required in order for Skeddly to function properly. If we didn't use these cookies, then you would not be able to use Skeddly.
​Who serves these cookies?

  • Skeddly

Semi-Essential Cookies

These cookies are used by us to help us run the services. While you could block these cookies, Skeddly runs better with them.
​Who serves these cookies?

  • Intercom - Blocking will prevent the support messenger from working properly

Analytics Cookies

These cookies are used to help us understand how our website is used.
​Who serves these cookies?

Advertising Cookies

These cookies are used in our advertising efforts.
​Who serves these cookies?

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