All billing information can be found by signing-in to your Skeddly account:

  1. Sign-in to your Skeddly account.

  2. On the left navigation menu, click "Billing" then "Billing" again.

If necessary, we can resend receipts and invoices only to the email address(es) configured in the Skeddly account.

"But I don't have access to the Skeddly account"

For security reasons, we cannot disclose billing- and invoice-related information to email addresses that are not associated with the Skeddly account.

If you are part of your organization's financial department, accounts payable department, etc., then please speak to your Skeddly administrator. They can grant you access to the Skeddly account. With access, you can access the billing and invoice information.

In addition, your Skeddly administrator can configure that all billing and financial related emails be sent to your finance department's email address.

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