We take the security of your AWS credentials very seriously. We understand that if your credentials get into the wrong hands, then your Amazon Web Services account can be accessed and abused.

When you register your Amazon credentials with Skeddly, the information is saved into our database using AES 256-bit encryption (also known as AES-256). You can read more about AES encryption on Wikipedia at the following URL:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Encryption_Standard

When you delete registered Amazon credentials from Skeddly, the data is completely purged from our databases. No trace of the data remains in our system, except in regular database backups. Database backups are cycled out (meaning that old backups are deleted as new backups are created) after approximately 2 weeks.

Amazon Identity and Access Management

You can increase the security of your Amazon credentials by using Amazon Identity and Access Management. There, you can create a key or role that has permissions only for what Skeddly needs. In addition, the key or role can be revoked at your end at any time. After a credentials are revoked, even if the information remains in our system, it cannot be used.

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